The Lord said to Moses, “Now I am going to make food rain down from the sky for all of you” Exodus 16:4

After the Israelites left Egypt, they lived in the desert for forty years. They all complained to Moses and Aaron for without water, meat and bread. Then the Lord said to Moses that he would rain down food from the sky for them. They would find food in the form of manna as bread to eat every morning. It was like a small white seed, and tasty like biscuits made with honey. The Israelites then ate manna for the next forty years in the morning.

The Lord God is our heavenly Father. He is a ‘Father’ who provides our daily needs. He was the provider who fed them for forty years in the desert.

We all need food to eat for survival and we also need spiritual food for our soul to live, to become strong and healthy.

Jesus, who is the Son of God knows and understands this very much. He knows that he himself needs strength to preach the Good News and to accomplish his mission. He used to wake up very early in the morning and before dawn he was at the mountain seeking his Heavenly Father in prayers for strength for his mission.

In fact spiritual food for the soul is more important than food for the body, though we need them both. Let us seek for spiritual food firstly as Jesus did before dawn in the morning so to receive strength to live victorious life for the Kingdom of God.

Let spiritual food be thy strength for your soul.