Leave them for the poor people and foreigners. Leviticus 19:10

A very beautiful teaching from God about love in the ancient Israel for others. A teaching regarding ; “Do not go back through your vineyard to gather the grapes that were missed or to pick up the grapes that have fallen; leave them for the poor people and foreigners.”

Ruth after the death of her husband showed uncommon loyalty and deep devotion to her mother-in-law. Naomi decided to go back to Bethlehem, in Judah. All the men in the family had already died. Ruth chose to stay with her mother-in-law the rest of her life.

In Bethlehem, Ruth went to the fields which belonged to Boaz, a rich and influential man related to Naomi’s husband to gather corn. Boaz ordered his workers not to stop her from picking. Besides that he even told his workers to pull out some corn from the bundles for her picking. Boaz lived out the teaching for the poor and foreigners. They ended up in marriage and Ruth became the great grand mother of David, Israelite greatest king. Alleluia!

Every act of Kindness Grows the Spirit & Strengthens the Soul.