A prophet is respected everywhere except in his hometown and by his own family. Matthew 13:57

Rejection is unwanted. It is tear, pain and disappointment. The greatest rejection was the rejection of Jesus Christ on Calvary. On the cross, Jesus was even also rejected by his Heavenly Father. The sin of the whole human race was the main cause of Jesus, rejection by the Heavenly Father too.

Jesus and his parents were very familiar to the people of Nazareth, after their coming back to the province of Galilee. Joseph made his home in a town named Nazareth, so what the prophet had said came true : He will be called Nazarene. A Nazarene in Galilee was of nothing special. No good things at all from Galilee.

Jesus, son of a carpenter and also a carpenter himself was living a very simple life since childhood. He was recognized just good for carpentry work only.

When John was baptizing at the Jordan, Jesus went to him to be baptized in accordance to the will of God. As soon as Jesus was baptized, coming up out of the water, heaven opened to him. The Spirit of God came upon him and led Jesus into ministry for the work of the kingdom of God.

With such low profile, born in a manger, a carpenter, a Nazarene in Galilee though spoke with authority, worked miracles and healing, Jesus was not respected now accepted. He was indeed being rejected.

Sin of unbelief, sin of pride and sin of jealousy nailed Jesus on the cross. This was the greatest rejection of the whole human race.

All the rejections are in the protection of God.