Enoch spent his life in fellowship with God. Genesis 5:24

Enoch, the grandson and the sixth direct descendant from Adam lived in fellowship with God for 300 years. He lived to be 365 years old and then he disappeared, taken away by God. What a blessing for him, a man who did not die a natural death but just disappeared from earth. His faithfulness in having fellowship with God brought such an amazing event on himself witnessed his intimacy with God, taught us a very important lesson.

Fellowship is relationship. To have fellowship means to have relationship. To have fellowship is to build relationship with one another. As said earlier on that Enoch lived in fellowship with God for 300 years. 300 years is a very long period of time. In his faithfulness in building his relationship with God in his prayers, God granted Enoch such a wonderful reward. He paid the price to win such a reward.

Let us therefore, build ourselves up more spiritually and graciously in prayer and in fellowship with God to move his hands to open the windows of heaven and pour out on us in abundance all kinds of good things. Malachi 3:10

We need worship for our spirit, and fellowship for our soul.