The kingdom of God were like ten girls who took their oil lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom. Five were foolish and the other five were wise. The foolish ones did not take extra oil with them, while the wise ones took full container of oil for their lamps. Matthew 25:1-4

As said in the Gospel, that the five who did not bring along with themselves extra oil were foolish. This meant that they did not have the wisdom for preparation. Extra is always a more than the actual requirement for the unexpected. Jesus also taught to walk another extra mile when asked to walk a mile. This is the teaching for all believers to live so as to reflect the love of God who always provides, more than enough, extra.

The feeding of the five thousand men on the mountain from five loaves and two fish, with twelve baskets of leftover also spoke of extra food from a very limited five loaves and two fish.

Let us pray for the mercy of God to be extra-ordinary people. Extra-believing, extra-merciful, extra compassionate, extra-abundant, extra-spiritual and most importantly to be extra faithful in serving God in our ministry as to be as faithful as Jesus, our Lord, the Son of the living God. Amen! Extra obedient even on the cross.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little ‘ extra ‘