Jesus stretched out his hand and touched him. ” I do want to, ” he answered. ” Be clean! ” At once the man was healed of his disease. Matthew 8:3

Leprosy was a dreaded skin disease which was incurable in the time of Jesus. A leper was not acceptable by the public. Everybody was avoiding himself from a leper. A leper did not have the courage to show up himself in the congregation. This person was always carrying a bell, and as he approached, he used to ring his bell to give signal to the public. A leper was a great sinner in those time.

The man as mentioned in the Gospel dared to come to Jesus because he knew that Jesus would not reject him. He even believed Jesus would heal him. He knelt before Jesus admitting his sinfulness begging for mercy to be healed.

A leper would only be healed of his leprosy only from Jesus because he was the healer. With mercy and by the grace of God healing works its action on the sick from Jesus.

A Christian who is keeping a distance from God and from the church is some sort of being sick in the soul. It is like leprosy that is keeping oneself from the congregation.

The lepers of Molokai at Kalaupapa were though sick suffering from leprosy, they were all spiritually healed by Father Damien De Veuster who lived among them for sixteen years. He cared for them and also buried the dead for them. He used to encourage them through his prayers and teaching. His skills ranged from carpentry to medicine and amputating diseased limbs. Father Damien became one of them, a leper for he had taken up their disease into himself, he was dead of leprosy at the age of forty-nine, leaving behind a legacy of true discipleship, Jesus in disguise. Be aware of leprosy that kill both the body and soul!

Disease may defeat the body, but never allow to defeat the soul.