Then the disciples took up twelve basket full of what was leftover. Matthew 14:20

The feeding of the five thousand men was a tremendous miracle recorded in all the four Gospels. Jesus feed a crowd of five thousand men indeed was a great miracle with twelve baskets full of what was left-over. Limited food which seem to be just enough for two persons were more then enough for such a big crowd with excess of more than the actual.

We all like to have excess food for our meals. Excess food means to have left over. Left over speaks of plentiful and in abundance.

Another miracle with seven baskets full of left over was the feeding of four thousand with seven loaves and few small fish.

A person who has the love of God is always willing to prepare extra for others. This is the same altitude of Jesus, who thought only of the needs of others. Jesus came to give abundant life. Seek Jesus then and we will receive abundant blessings from him.

Jesus was a simple man while living on earth. He did not have even a place to rest his head and just a dozen of apostles. He knew that his Heavenly Father was his provider. He offered up every situation into the loving hands of his Heavenly Father with gratitude to provide so as to multiply. No matter what and where the situation, God provides in abundance as it is always says, ” Little is much ” when God is in it.

Where God guides, He provides.