there was a woman who had suffered terribly from severe bleeding for twelve years. She had spent all her money, but instead of getting better she got worse all the time. Mark 5:25-26

Jesus started off with Jairus, an official of the local Synagogue to see her sick daughter. A woman who had suffered terribly from severe bleeding for twelve years had heard of Jesus. She came in the crowd behind him, saying to herself, ” If I just touch his clothes, I will get well. ”

She touched his cloak, and she felt her bleeding stopped at once. Jesus, too knew that power had gone out of him, and asked, ” Who touched my clothes? ”

Realizing what had happened, she came trembling with fear, knelt at Jesus’ feet and told him the whole truth. She was a daughter of Abraham so she had to be honest. To be honest before God is very much like admitting our sin. She knew that Jesus knew everything so she did not have the courage to keep herself quiet and then just went away without showing gratitude.

Being a true child of God, she told Jesus her whole truth of her sickness. ” My daughter, your faith has made you well, go in peace, and be healed of your trouble. ” Said Jesus, the Lord.

The whole truth of this woman, in her sincerity and humility talked over once again before the Lord. Jesus confirmed with her to go in peace with her sickness healed. She was no longer a sick woman with severe bleeding but a daughter of Jesus.

Always be truthful especially to God.