For God loved the world so much that he gave his only son. John 3:16

This verse in John’s Gospel expressed fully and wholly the love of God. God is love. God’s love for the world was so great and unconditional that he did not even spare his only begotten son from the cross but, to die for the salvation of the whole human race.

Abraham, the Father of faith had also one son from his wife, Sarah when he was one hundred years old. he named this son, ‘ Isaac ‘ which meant laughter. Isaac meant a lot to Abraham. Isaac was his life and everything in him.

Abraham won God’s approval and called him, ‘ His Friend. ‘ Abraham was the only character in the Bible that his friendship with God was genuine.

In order to improve Abraham in his faith, God tested him personally. God called Abraham to bring his son, Isaac to the land of Moriah, on a mountain and sacrificed him as a sacrifice to him.

Then Abraham bound his son, Isaac and placed him on the altar, on top of the wood when they reached the mountain.

As Abraham raised his knife to kill his son, the angel of the Lord stopped him. His faith was thus proved by his action.

A lesson for obedience and faithfulness. It was also the same with Jesus Christ on the cross. A lesson for love, the love of God. A good lesson for all of us who are believers to live out the Gospel in our daily life as a reflection of God’s love.

When we love the Lord, obedience becomes a delight.