They looked straight at him and peter said, ” Look at us! I have no money at all, but I gave you what I have : in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I order you to get up and walk! ” Acts 3:4-6

One day Peter and John went to the temple to pray. There at the beautiful gate, was a man who had been lame all his life. He was carried to the gate to beg for money everyday for survival because he was a disable. When he saw Peter and John, he begged at them expecting some money. This was his life he had been doing this over and over for years.

Indeed, through all these years, begging at the gate, he earned his living by the mercy of God. Nothing changed day after day because that was a routine act for him. But today, grace had come upon him. A day of divine appointment that he was met by Peter and John who were sent by Jesus Christ to heal the sick and to drive out demons.

Peter knew the best thing to give him instead of money which would only satisfy human hunger. He gave him a healing which would help and guide him the rest of his life. He would not have to come to this gate to beg anymore. He didn’t have to be a beggar anymore. What a blessing, it was more than silver or gold which Peter had none. He ordered the man to stand up and walk in the name of Jesus. His feet and ankles became strong at once and he jumped up and walked. So blessed to be healed instantly.

To be able to walk from now on was a valuable gift to him more then silver or gold. He was now on his golden way to be free.

Not all treasure is silver and gold.