The almighty God who blesses you with blessings of rain from above and of deep waters from beneath the ground, blessings of many cattle and children, blessings of corn and flowers, blessings of ancient mountains, delightful things from everlasting life. Genesis 49:25-26

Everybody wants the best and we all hope for the best too for ourselves. The best always bring love, joy, happiness and comfort to the heart.

Joseph a young shepherd boy and a dreamer, was sold to Egypt by his brothers. His best long with full sleeves robe which looked best in his eyes brought him a betrayal by all his brothers. He was sold to Potiphar, one of the King’s officer. The Lord was with Joseph and made him successful. Potiphar saw the presence of God in Joseph and was pleased with him and made him his personal servant.

Seeing that Joseph was well-build and good looking, Potiphar’s wife had evil desire on him. Failing which she accused Joseph for wanted to rape her, was jailed in prison. In the prison Joseph interpreted the dreams of the wine steward, and the chief baker. Joseph asked the wine steward to remember him before the king if his interpretation became reality. Three days later the king released him restoring him to position as mentioned but he forgot completely about Joseph.

After two years had passed, the king of Egypt dreamt a dream which up set him very much. No one could explain it. Thus the wine steward came back to his memory and the king sent for Joseph who interpreted his dream favorably. It was obvious to the king that Joseph was a person with greater wisdom and insight than anyone else, the king put him to in charge of his country, the second person to the king.

Praise be the name of God for Joseph had been granted the best of hope!

When the time is right, the Lord will make it happen.