Jesus concluded, ” Many are invited, but few are chosen. ” Matthew 22:14

The kingdom of heaven is like a king who prepared a wedding feast for his son. The king was very serious for this feast. He sent his servants to invite the invited guests to come for the feast. However, they did not want to turn up. So he sent other servants with this message : ” My feast is ready now, my bullocks and prize calves have been butchered and everything is ready. Come to the wedding feast! ” But the invited guest paid no attention and went about their business. They even grabbed the servants and treated them very badly.

The king knowing this was very angry and again he sent some other servants to go to the main streets and invite to the feast as many as possible to come for feasting. The servants gathered all the people they could find, good and bad alike; and the wedding hall was filled with people. But the king saw a guest to leave because he did not come with full preparation. He had taken this invitation for granted.

We are all the invited guess for the wedding feast of God. By the grace of God, we are being invited for heavenly feast with prize reward; eternity.

As mentioned in the Gospel, God sent Jesus his Son to pay the price of sin. Good and bad alike; in sickness or in good health, rich or poor, slaves or freemen are equal for the heavenly kingdom; Jesus said, ” Go in through the narrow gate, the gate to life is narrow and the way that leads to it is hard, and there are few people who find it. ” Be serious and prepare for it. And Jesus concluded, ” Many are invited, but few are chosen. ”

By bringing nature into our lives, we invite humility.