Jesus said to the servants, ” Fill these jars with water. ” They filled them to the brim, and then he told them, ” Now draw some water out and take it to the man in charge of the feast. ” They took him the water, which now had turned into wine, and he tested  it. John 2:7-9

after being in the wilderness for forty days and nights, Jesus returned and began to preach the kingdom of God. After sometime there was a wedding feast in Cana. Jesus, his disciples and Jesus’ mother, Mary were all being invited.

In ancient Israel, there must be wine for wedding feast. Wine is the symbol of joy for celebration, so that all the guest would be joyously served. While the celebration was still going on with singing and dancing, the wine was found out to be no more as if the celebration was forced to come to its end.

Mary, the mother of Jesus noticed the situation. No more wine meant joy was decreasing and she said to her son for the lack of wine.

Feet washing was a ritual tradition for Jesus and there were six stone water jars, each enough to hold about a hundred liters. Jesus said to the servants to fill all these six jars with water. They then drew some water out and took it to the man in charge of the feast which now had turned into wine. With more wine to feast, the celebration continued to go on bringing more joy, singing and the dancing. This was the first miracle performed by Jesus in Cana in Galilee.

Behind every fear, there is a miracle waiting.