Jesus spoke to the Pharisees, ” I am the light of the world. ” John 8:12

God sent his son into the world to be the light of the world so that whoever followed him would have the light of life and would never walk in darkness. the Father who sent Jesus was with him. He was to be the light of the world.

When taught on the teaching to be salt and light, he said, ” You are like salt for all mankind. But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again. It has become worthless. You are like light for the whole world, your light must shine before people so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in heaven. ” Matthew 5:13-14

To do good things as said in Isaiah : share your food with the hungry and open homes to the homeless poor. Give clothes to those who have nothing to wear and do not refuse to help your own relatives.

” If you give food to the hungry and satisfy those who are in need, then the darkness around you will turn to the brightness of noon. And I will always guide and satisfy you with good things. I will keep you strong and well. You will be like a garden that has plenty of water, like a spring of water that never runs dry. ” Isaiah 59:10-11

Salt is good for a sacrifice is purified by salt as everyone will be purified by fire. But it is not good for the soil or for the heap if it looses its saltiness. It is to be thrown away anyway.

Jesus being the light brightened and guided man to walk the path of righteousness. He called sinners to repent and walk in his light. As disciples of Christ Jesus, be like light and salt to lead others to know him and make life more beautiful for he said, ” Have the salt of friendship among yourselves, and live in peace with one another. ”

Give light and people will find the way.