Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 5:3

True happiness in life was taught by Jesus in ‘ The Beatitudes. ‘ The Beatitude which stands as a corner stone for all the others is being poor in spirit, meaning accepting God’s direction and guidance realizing human strength and effort are insufficient and limited.

People who are poor in materialism surely will strive for the spiritual, knowing and believing there is ‘ Heavenly Father ‘ in heaven who provides for our daily needs.

The crowd looked for Jesus, knew that they were poor. Being poor in material and in spirit. Seeing the crowd on the mountain, Jesus felt their needs. He wanted to feed them with spiritual food which satisfies the hunger of the soul. Jesus knew spiritual food is the only food that satisfies daily human hunger.

Jesus wanted them to receive everlasting spiritual food so he taught them the Beatitudes, which is the true happiness. He revealed to them the secret of spiritual blessing for ‘ The Beatitudes ‘ is the key that unlocks happiness in life.

Mother Teresa and her congregation of sisters are our models in living The Beatitudes. They live and do, ” All for Jesus ” Making the secret of The Beatitudes come alive in their lives, in their act of love in serving the holy poor in India which God had put into their care; Jesus, himself in disguise.

Late Mother Teresa lived a very simple life serving in the slum of the poor and her own life reflected the teaching of Jesus in ‘ The Beatitudes. ‘ She was regarded as a living Saint reflecting the beauty and love of God while on earth. True happiness was indeed seen in her whole life of service as a simple Nun.

True happiness is not out there, true happiness lies within.