” Just one is needed, mary has chosen the right thing and it will not be taken away from her. ” Luke 10:42

Jesus in the Gospel told Martha there was one which was needed, and this needed one was the right thing. These two women were both sisters. They lived in the Bethany with their brother, Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the death.

As Jesus and his disciples came to a village in Bethany, Martha welcomed them in her home. Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters very much. He knew this family very well. Martha was a serving woman and less efficient in carrying out her house work. Her great devoted love to domesticity for meals in her serving marked top priority in her life.

When Jesus was in the home of them, Mary sat down at the feet of the Lord and listened to his teaching. Whereas Martha was moving about busying with many things. These many things could be things of cleaning up, giving out drinks and preparing for food.

She was upset over all the work she had to do, so she came and said, ” Lord, don’t you care that my sister had left me to do all the work by myself?

Jesus did not say that she was incorrect with such altitude but answered her, ” Martha, Martha! You are worried and troubled over so many things, but just one is needed. Mary has chosen the right thing and it will not be taken away from her. ”

Mary’s choice to listen to the word of God was perceptive and sensitive. Her love for the Lord Jesus Christ was more on the spiritual. She did kneel at the feet of Jesus after the death of her brother. At all time, no matter the circumstance, Mary always chose the closeness at Jesus’s feet. The right thing which Jesus praised her for doing so in his presence.

Do what is right, not what is easy.