Daniel made up his mind not to let himself become ritually unclean by eating the food and drinking the wine of the royal count. Daniel 1:8

The man who prayed hard in the Old Testament was Daniel, an exile of the royal family. Daniel and his three friends; Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah were the four chosen young men among the Israelite exiles to serve in the royal court. They had to under go a three-year training to appear before the king.

Daniel, a young man of prayer made up his mind no to let himself become ritually unclean by eating the food and drinking the wine of the royal count, won favor from the chief official, Ashpenaz to help him. Daniel and his three friends instead of eating and drinking what the king had decided, ate only vegetables and drank only water. They looked healthier and stronger when appeared before the king. God even gave Daniel skill in interpreting visions and dreams.

When Danius the Mede, seized the royal power bu killing Belshazzar, the king of Babylonia, he promoted Daniel the third in power in the kingdom. The other supervisors and the governors tried to find something wrong with the way Daniel administrated the empire because they were jealous and hated him, a man of prayer.

An order was given that for thirty days no one be permitted to request anything from any god or from any man except from the king. When Daniel learnt that the order had been signed, there just as he had always done, knelt down at the open windows and prayed to God three times a day. His enemies observed him praying to God, accused and reported Daniel to the king for violating the king’s order. He was hustled off and thrown to the lions pit. But God shut the mouths of the hungry lions and at the hour of prayer next morning, he was on his knees again before the open windows, praying to his God.

Where our strength runs out, God’s strength begins.