But when she could not hide him any longer, she took a basket made of reeds and covered it with tar to make it watertight. She put the baby in it and then placed it in the tall grass at the edge of the river. Exodus 2:3

Moses lived one hundred and twenty years old. He was the only character in the Old Testament whom God disciplined for a life time. He lived as a prince in the palace for forty years learning the culture and education of an Egyptian and being taught by his own mother, the life of a Hebrew at home while he was a child. His sister Miriam though young she was, was his little teacher. She stood some distance away to see what would be the fate of her younger brother when sent away in the basket.

Prayers woven into an ark of protection for the little life, love as a family and confidence in God are all disciplines from him to work together for those who trusted in Him.

While Moses was a prince he attempted to lead God’s people using the method he had learned in the school of Egypt. He failed after killing an Egyptian and fled to live in the land of Midian. He was taught lessons of patience which only the shepherd life could teach him. He was changed from a prince into a shepherd for forty years in the wilderness. He had forgotten about God totally.

He endured forty years of discipline in the wilderness as a shepherd where he learned patience, gentleness and tender compassion. These were all the qualities which God was preparing him. To train him so as to entrust him with a new commission to become a leader to lead his people out from slavery.

Though living such a life as a shepherd, God did not forget about Moses. God favored him and called him at the burning bush to bring his people out of Egypt from slavery and he successfully did so by the assurance of God’s company. He was victorious for God was with him, his assurance.

I deserve nothing but God gives me everything.