Whoever fears the Lord will make true friends for as a man is, such will his friend be. Sirach 6:17

David, a man who feared God won friendship with Jonathan, the son of Saul after he had killed Goliath, the Philistine. Jonathan was deeply attracted to David and loved him as much as himself. Saul planned to kill David because of jealousy. Jonathan was very fond of David and praised him to Saul, his father not to kill an innocent man for no reason. He showed loyalty to David and told him everything his father planned. They even made a sacred promise of loyalty to one another and to the family.

Saul taken control by an evil spirit, determined to kill David very badly. With the help of Jonathan, he fled from being killed many times.

David pursued by Saul spared his life twice in the wilderness in the Hill-country even though he was in his power. David did not want to do any harm to his master, whom the Lord chose as king. The lord made David victorious and he ruled over all Israel. He wanted to show kindness for Jonathan’s sake to anyone left of Saul’s family.

Mephibosheth, a cripple was the only son of Jonathan and the grandson of Saul who were being killed in a battle on Mount Gilboa. David gave back all the land that belonged to his grandfather as he promised God. He welcomed Mephibosheth at his table and he always ate his meals at the king’s table, just like one of his sons in Jerusalem the rest of his life. Being a true friend with Jonathan, David kept his promise and continued friendship with the family as promised.

friends make the world beautiful.