If you only knew today what is needed for peace. Luke 19:42

Jesus went on to Jerusalem ahead of his disciples. As he came closer to the city, seeing it he wept over it, saying, ” If you only knew today what is needed for peace! But now you cannot see it! He meant Jerusalem, the holy city of God would be surrounded by enemies with barricades, blockaded and closed in from every side. The time would come that enemies would destroy completely the people within its wall. All would be driven exile because they have ignored God’s grace and salvation.

We all have three enemies for ourselves : the world, the devil and self. These three are our greatest enemies. They are always trying to attack our body and to destroy our soul as said by Jesus which we could not see. Ignoring the peace of Christ, wars and revolution arise to fight.

Jesus said, ” Be on guards; countries will fight each other; kingdom will attack one another. There will be terrible earthquakes, famines and plagues everywhere; there will be strange and terrifying things coming from the sky. ” And men would hand over their own brothers to be put to death and fathers would do the same to their children. Children would turn against their parents and have them put to jail.
” Everyone would hate you because of me, ” Said Jesus, ” Stand firm and you will save yourself. ” Save not Jerusalem itself lying in ruin, Jesus wept over it. Weeping was the love of Jesus for Jerusalem as for Lazarus, whom he raised from death.

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.