Your heavenly Father does not want any of these little ones to be lost. Matthew 18:14

The parable of the one hundred sheep teaches us several things : Jesus’ special concern for sinners and those who stray, and therefore the missionary dimension of his apostolate. A men who has a hundred sheep and one of them strays, leaves the ninety-nine o n the mountains to go and looks for the stray one is like Jesus who looks for us, his sheep. In fact, he came ” To seek and save the lost ” Luke 19:10, ” To call the outcasts, not the respectable people ” Matthew 9:13.

The Son of Man has come to save the lost. He left everything : Dignity and glory as the only begotten Son of God in heaven to earth living in simplicity and in poverty. This attitude should impel all shepherds to resemble the man who left the ninety-nine sheep just to look for one which had strayed. Indicating the love of the Father for all his children as one complete body as church by sending Jesus to be his head. Looking for those who are lost, strayed and those who have turned their back.

Therefore parishes and Christian communities should constantly reach out to the unchurched and far away, instead of just working with those who already are in touch with the church. By doing so, the Father in heaven would be more pleased about it because everybody has the privilege to hear the Good News of Christ and this Good News is for all, everyone, making disciples from all nations, so that not one is lost.

God’s love is more than we could ever know.