Above all, let your love for one another be sincere, for love covers a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

The end of all things is near; live wisely and spend time praying. Remember how Christ died, once and for all, for our sins. He, the just one, died for the unjust in order to lead us to God. God loves you and me, let’s love each other for love is the nature of God. God is love, to him belong glory and power. So serve one another with his love with the gifts each of us have received, thus becoming good managers of the varied graces of God. When we speak, deliver the word of God and in ministry, let it be seen as God’s power so that in everything, his name be glorified in Jesus Christ.

In his letter, Peter’s emphasis on love came from his experience of the love of Jesus, loving him to his death. When Jesus was arrested, he followed the Lord into the courtyard of the high priest. He was fearful by lying to protect his identity. He denied his Lord three times for not knowing him but Jesus never stopped loving Peter and ultimately restored him.

He revealed himself to his disciples three times after rising from the dead and even said to Peter three times also to feed his lambs. Peter who had experienced the deep love of Jesus, in return stressed the importance of love with the words, ” Above all. ” Expressing his deep understanding of the love of Christ, his Lord. Love is to be graciously and courageously given away for the comfort and reclamation of others as to understand love covers a multitude of sins, let’s love one another with sincerity.

God loves imperfect people perfectly.