God’s wisdom however, is shown to be true by its results. Matthew 11:19

Jesus spoke about John the Baptist to the crowds. He asked them what did they expect to see while going out to John in the desert. He was a man dressed up in fancy clothes, yet he did not live in palaces. For John was the messenger whom God sent ahead of Jesus Christ, to open a way for him and to straighten his path. He was greater than any man who had ever lived but he who was least in the kingdom of heaven was greater than John. From the time John preached his message until this very day the kingdom of heaven has suffered violent attacks, and violent men try to seize it. Only he who had spiritual ears would listen and believe the message John preached.

Jesus compared the people of this day as children sitting in the market-place. One group of children played wedding music but all the others would not dance. They sang funeral songs but they would not cry. Even John, who came to prepare a way for Jesus fasted and drank no wine; he ate only honey and locusts, they said he had a demon in him. When the Son of Man came, he ate and drank and everyone said he was a glutton and a drinker, a friend of tax collectors and outcasts.

Therefore Jesus said, ” God’s wisdom, however, is shown to be true by its results. ” If your are willing to believe the good news, listen, then, if you have ears! Indeed, we are barely able to understand what is close to us and heavenly things beyond human wisdom, ever more.

The truth shall bear witness of itself.