Though your mother forget you, I will not forget you. Isaiah 49:15

Israel is a blessed nation under the promise of God. The Israelites are God chosen people. God’s anger on Israel was indeed very, very great because of the nation’s own sin and disobedience.

But because of his promise, He took them back to Jerusalem from exile to begin a new life in their country. Jerusalem, the lasting city of the children of God, the bride of the Lord, filled with riches and the delight of her God, thus says; on your walls, Jerusalem, I have placed sentries. They must never be silent day or night. They must remind the Lord of his promises and never let him forget them. They must give him no rest until he restores Jerusalem making it a city whole world praises. Isaiah 62:6-7

God reminded us so many times of those wonders which have yet to happen so that we may maintain hope in trials and dark times as the Spirit assures our spirit that we are children of God. When things are going well and we are filled with earthly hopes, the same wisdom must help us to be detached from all this, in the knowledge that something much better still awaits us.

As children of God, then keep reminding God of his promises and he will make them to pass instead of pleading or complaining for our needs or problems. God is a faithful Father. He is faithful in his promises. He never fails any of his promises to any of all his faithful children ever since the beginning of time as he did to Abraham, Isaac and David.

The Lord may delay His promises, but he will never deny them.