Do not abandon the assemblies but to encourage one another, since the day is drawing near. Hebrews 10:25

Our present days are characterized by men’s ever more concerted attempts at getting together and, at the same time, by the division of the world in large groups competing with one another. The Christian community, which is not a group of angels, its members only appear once in a while. And we, not being angels, have trouble remaining united with Christ if we do not take part in a community. When we lose contact with our brothers and sisters in the faith, we run the risk of losing the meaning of our mission. No solidarity with our neighborhood or work companions will remind us that, in their midst, we are the witnesses of something which they do not know.

We have a high priest, Jesus, in charge of the House of God. So we are assured of entering the sanctuary by his blood who opened for us this new and living way passing through the curtain, that is his body. Jesus entered with his own blood while men always sacrifice others. He passed through a more perfect sanctuary, that is, it was not only a human action but one inspired by God.

The letter to the Hebrews was written in Rome reflection Paul’s thoughts but he did not write it, he was imprisoned in Rome for the second time. It is quite possible the the author was Apollos, mentioned in Acts 18:24-28, a man well versed in scriptures. ” This letter was addressed to the first Christian communities of Palestine, formed by Jews – byrace -who had been persecuted and punished and whose possessions had been confiscated because they became followers of Christ. Though they no longer had anything in this world, they still had to encourage one another and did not abandon the assemblies for the assurance of the true Home where Jesus went after his suffering.

Let us hold fast to our hope without wavering, because he who promised is faithful. Let us consider how we may spur on another to love and good works. Do not abandon the assemblies but encourage one another, and all the more since the Day is drawing near. Today, there are people who are truly on the way to the city of God by sacrificing themselves to prepare the future of the world as Abraham’s extreme obedience and trust in God ” Against all hopes ” as if he saw the invisible; by faith.

If God has called you into battle be strong and let Him lead.