It is I who command you : be strong, then, and be valiant. Joshua 1:9

After the death of Moses, Yahweh commanded Joshua, the successor to cross the Jordan River to occupy the land which God give to the sons of Israel. Jordan is the natural boundary east of Palestine. He was to lead the people of God into the land and to their rest. The conquest of the promised land was narrated as if Joshua had directed everything. In this way the image of a savior ( ” Joshua ” like ” Jesus ” ) led the people of God into their land and to their rest. Joshua prefigured Jesus as in the letter to the Hebrews; so it was not Joshua who led them enter the land of rest, otherwise God would have not assigned another day later on. Hebrews 4:8. That was the seventh day from all his works after he had created the world. Yahweh promised to be with Joshua as long as he lived, no one would be able to stand against him. He would also give them the whole territory, as far as they may conquer as he promised Moses.

Therefore, Joshua was reminded by Yahweh to be brave and faithfully fulfill the whole Law which Moses, his servant gave him. To constantly read the book of this Law and meditate on it day and night. That his plans should be fulfilled and succeeded in all ways, God does not do the works for us; instead he sees to it that we make the necessary effort to expect his benefits. It is true that the Gospel does not speak of earthly conquests, but biblical history shows that the Gospel could not have been understood deeply except by people who had fought to conquer their land and to forge plains of Moab beyond the Jordan, but they still had to enter the Land promised to their ancestors. Those who crossed the Jordan in Joshua’s time were the more courageous ones who together with Joshua had fought to conquer their land.

They remembered the command of Moses, the servant of God that Yahweh had provided them with a place of rest and had given them all this region, but they must be valiant to cross over, armed, ahead of those brothers and should help them. They would do all Joshua have commanded them and go wherever he send them. They would obey him as they had obeyed Moses in the same way so as to be valiant and courageous for the presence of God who was with Joshua as he had been with Moses. He did not turn aside either to the right or to the left and succeeded wherever he went with the assurance of Yahweh.

You may be up against a giant today. But, don’t focus on how big your giant is; focus on how big your God is.