Live in me as I live in you. John 15:4

In the parable of the vine, Jesus said he himself was the true vine and the Father was the vine grower. The vine is to be planted from selected stock, cared for by the Lord to produce fruits of love and justice. The true vine has taken root which Christ, the branches sprouted. The branch cannot bear fruit by itself but has to remain part of the vine; so either can you if you don’t remain in him.

The vine represented the people of Israel. The vine was the people of Israel, and what mattered to them was the collective conduct of the community as one body and not the individuals.

Jesus said, ” I am the vine, ” so each of us has to consider how he is joined with Jesus through faith, prayer and keeping his word. Remain in him and his word in us to be his disciples, that is, when we bear much fruit to glorify the Father. We are already made clean by the words spoken to us, to bear even more fruit.

Jesus did not specify what these fruits should be, rather he insisted that these fruits should come from the spirit and bear his proper seal remaining in his love to keep the commandments as he has kept the Father’s commandments.

Keeping the commandments make us become friends of Jesus to know him as a person who loves and acts in us to produce the authentic fruits of love interiorizing Christ’s mystery in his cross and resurrection. The success of the Church is not measured by its achievements, but by the coming together to love, to share and to witness for love.

In him all things hold together.