Blessed are you who believed that the Lord’s word would come true! Luke 1:45

Just after the annunciation from the angel Gabriel, Mary then set out for a town in the Hills of Judah. She entered the house of Zechariah and greeted Elizabeth. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting the baby suddenly moved within her. She was filled with the Holy Spirit, giving a loud cry said, ” You are most blessed among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb! Blessed are you who believed that the Lord’s word would come true. ”

Jewish crowds went to John the Baptist in search of salvation. God gave him the fire of his Spirit and of his word through a humble girl, Mary whom God put his plan in motion on that Visitation day. Mary in response to the angel’s discreet invitation, went to share her joy with her elderly cousin, Elizabeth. So was fulfilled the promise made to Zechariah, ‘ Your son will be filled with the Holy Spirit from his mother’s womb. ‘

Mary who is full of grace : beloved and favored has a unique role in the work of salvation. She is the marvel that God achieved at the outset of transforming humankind into his image. She is the person whom God lifted up to unique intimacy with himself so that through her, Jesus could come into the world, she is the true ‘ Mother of the living ‘ the woman of the new creation that God had looked upon with greater love than any other creature. Thus Mary is called full of grace and blessed believing that the Lord’s word would come true.

God gives the Holy Spirit to make us what we are not.