By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. John 13:35

Jesus he himself; all he wanted was that his disciples would humbly allow him, their Lord to wash their feet. Henceforth, they would do what their Lord did before them, since he would send them in his name to make disciples from all nations. In doing so, Jesus performed a significant act which showed us, who our Lord and God is and how he acts.

He gave his apostles a new commandment appropriate for the advent of a new era. The old testament spoke of interior fidelity to God and love of neighbor, but the message remainded hidden among the complexities of the Law. In the New Testament Jesus says the love of God is the highest law. In his earthly life he showed us the way to love.

Love which is like God’s, aims at liberating our neighbor and enabling him to fully develop his God given gifts. True love comes from God and makes us return to unity within God. Later, his apostles sum up his teaching on love : Love of God is shown through love of neighbor, love of our neighbor depends on love of God wished at each moment of our lives. And what God wishes of us regarding our neighbor is that we render loving service and forgiveness to love people into the kingdom of God. Only by loving one another would everyone know that we are the disciples of Jesus for we have love for one another as he did.

With Jesus, there is no fear in love.