Hold on to faith and a good conscience, unlike those who ignoring conscience, have finally wrecked their faith. 1 Timothy 1:19

Faithfulness to Christ does not prevent becoming loyal to the nation. All of faith is based on what Christ taught. The aim to promote a better service of God through faith is love which comes from a pure mind, a good conscience and sincere faith.

Timothy was an assistant of Paul whom he met in Lystra and recruited him. Paul regarded him as his dear son and he invited Timothy to surrender completely with the assurance that his efforts would be rewarded with the firm hope of faith as courageous, strong and messenger for Christ. He must also be firm in eliminating the discussions which weaken the church and its development.

Paul wanted Christians to be in solidarity with their compatriots, loyal towards their nation and pray for them. In fact, the church alone does not change the world and society unless human reality is better known and understood. The man of faith is not impressed by the promises of the world, instead he spends his life in an often thankless task, and he perseveres for love which saves people, society and the world.

The cultural change taking place in all aspects of life which we were taught and practiced, not everything comes from Christ. Therefore a lot can be changed running the risk of adultering genuine faith. Faith is not a doctrine which can be adapted to one’s tastes, thus Paul’s concern stands out in the present letters to Timothy and Titus, who was also his assistant as advises for formation of ministers worthy of their mission.

Conscience is the authentic voice of God to you.