Jesus told them, ” I have chosen you to be with me. ” Mark 3:14

Jesus went up a hill and called to himself the men he wanted. They came to him and he chose twelve, whom he named apostles. Mark 3:13. He told them that he would send them out to preach and they would have authority to drive out demons. After spending the whole night praying to God to provide for its own shepherds, he chose twelve to be his apostles.

In the church everyone can do ” apostolic work. ” But nobody makes himself an apostle, an official witness of Christ : one has to be called to this responsibility. On the one hand are the countless afflicted who seek relief and on the other was the group of the Twelve whom Jesus asked to his co-builders of the Kingdom of God.

The nucleus of the group were fishermen and a tax collector, Matthew; a Teacher of the Law, Bartholomeus. Some others of whom we only know that Jesus chose them from among the people simple, humble people and when reaching eighteen or twenty years old he chose to be a manual worker; a carpenter. Jesus preferred to educate himself through the worker’s life with no other religious preparation than the teachings of the synagogue, with no other book than the book of life. When the time came, he found his apostles among the common people, men who were simple but responsible people. These were those he wanted, At the same time Jesus is planning his church and wants to give it a head : this will be the group of the apostles who are witnesses of Jesus among people which includes you and me.

God wants every believer to be a witness for Christ to those who do not know him.