A tongue is a tiny part of the body but it is capable of great things. James 3:5

A small flame is enough to set a huge forest on fire. The tongue is a similar flame ; it is in itself as a whole of evil. It infects the whole being and sets fire to our world with the very fire of hell. James 3:6. We use it to bless God, our Father and also to curse those made in his likeness. This should not be the cause of instructed and practicing believes.

A person who commits no offences in speech is perfect and capable of ruling the whole self. We put a bit into the mouth of a house to master and control it. Ship big and huge as they are, the helmsman steers them with a rudder and sail them. Wild, fierce animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures of every kind are and have been ruled by man. However, man strong and powerful as they are cannot control the tongue; it is an untiring whip, full of deadly poison.

A man is but a product of his thoughts and the whole dignity of man is in thought. If anyone considers himself a religious person but does not restrain his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is in vain. So be quick to listen but slow to speak. James 1:9

A Christian is light of Christ, an aroma which is the fragrance of Christ too. Let the fragrance of Christ be in our good deeds, our patience and speech. Though sometimes it is difficult to control our tongue in speech, let our speech be pure, forceful and sweet for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks and be in control by the Spirit at all time.

Be wise and speak only what we know good.