Happy are those who believe without seeing. John 20:29

Thomas, one of the twelve was not with them when Jesus came. The other disciples told him that they had seen the Lord but he just could not believe. He doubted and wanted to see Jesus before him personally in order to believe. To be true to himself, he had also, however, to appreciate that to God resurrection is quite reasonable, for He is the Author of life. Thomas was actually a realist and a loyal disciple too.

Eight days later, the disciples were in the house again and Thomas was with them. Despite the locked doors Jesus came in and stood among them. Then he said to Thomas, ” Put your finger here and see my hands; stretch out your hand and put it into my side. Double no longer but  believe. ” John 21:27. Thomas then said, ” you are my Lord and my God. ” Jesus replied, ” You believe because you see me, don’t you? Happy are those who believe although they do not see. ”

Now then, in the person of Jesus risen from the dead, a new world has begun. The disciples had to learn to follow and love Jesus no longer physically present and to recognize him no longer through their senses but through faith. Thomas having grasped this fact and having met the Lord Jesus for himself, he perceived in a flash the Jesus his Lord must also be truly God. Likewise, we have to learn to recognize and follow Jesus in the dim light of faith, thus we will be among those whom Jesus blesses : Happy are those who believe without seeing me. John 20:29

Believe in the unseen, the substance of faith is a hope in the unseen.