” Quiet now! Be still! ” The wind dropped and there was a great calm. Mark 4:39

Jesus and his disciples together, were working for the kingdom of God. They admired Jesus very much because he taught with authority and performed miracles but they did not know him well. On the night that Jesus confronted the storm, they suddenly saw him as the One whom nature obeyed. From then on, Jesus would remain their teacher and friend, but already doubt entered into their minds doubting to whom had they entrusted themselves and where would he take them. They became terribly frightened.

The Apostles, like us, were people of faith who loved God but kept him at a distance, because they were not ready to allow God into their daily lives to witness his greatness.

They had been afraid when the sea was rough and the wind blowing strong while being left alone in the storm. They woke Jesus knowing that he would attain to this chaos. Now we know why Jesus silenced the demons; he wanted to reveal himself gradually. He is the God of safety; safety is not found in the absence of danger but in the presence of God. He taught them first had to be true to themselves and before God. To live a life with God to encounter daily events.

This crossing of the sea is an example of what we will all experience in following Christ. He does not offer us a comfortable, calm life since sooner or later we will have to risk and undertake new things and storms. The storm will come precisely when Jesus ” sleeps ” or ” absents “. We feel life we are completely alone and without help. This crisis with Jesus, a necessary condition by which we arrive at the other shore at a stronger and cleaner faith in God.

Let your faith be bigger than your fears.