They bear the word, take it to heart and produce; some thirty, some sixty and some one hundred times as much. Mark 4:20

Jesus is the sower of the kingdom of God. The Jews spoke of the kingdom of God as we would speak of a world of Justice and peace. The kingdom of God is made up of many things that have grown out of the teachings of Christ. From the Gospel comes the sense of unity; justice and peace which shakes the world. All this is born of his words but has had to mature in the heart of good people.

The parables of Jesus were about the kingdom of God. Each parable presented a different aspect of the kingdom to some understanding of this multifaceted reality which is growing secretly among us all throughout history. Jesus spoke by means of comparisons, as farmers and laborers are accustomed to do.

From the Gospel comes our confidence that we are not persons totally dependent on nature, but called to build our life with God’s blessings. We do not understand how God direct our lives and earthly events. There is a mystery about the kingdom of God but after giving the parable to all, Jesus taught his disciples through the work and experiences of common apostolic life.

The parable of the sower, Mark 4:1-20 heads the other parables. Jesus tells us the purpose of his mission: he has come to initiate a new age of the human story: the kingdom of God is now among us already. Jesus calls our attention to act according to what we have learned. The word which is the seed works within the secret of the heart is at work in our life, transforming doers day by day.

Do anything, but let it produce joy.