No one can serve two masters; for he will either hate one and love the other. Matthew 6:24

Scripture had already taught that we must choose between God and false gods. Jesus affirms that money is a false god, because it offers happiness and security for the future but robs us of our only riches that is the present time. Caught up in making money, we are unable to live truly and freely; we neglect our family life and personal growth with the Lord. We also ignore our neighbor and bow low in from of the powerful.

Jesus wants us to be free, not of concerns, but of all worries in order to serve God. Liberation is the work of God throughout history, and we, should we have enough faith to free ourselves from so many worries to battle for survival in our daily life. Jesus teaches that if God takes care of and beautifies the smallest of creatures, the wild flowers and the birds, the more he cares for us and desires our lives to be beautiful and perfect. He wants us to take risks for what is true, rather than worrying about our security and future.

The believer uses money, makes plans, lives in the world. But he seeks and loves only what is important here and now, according to the Gospel. Jesus warned about the danger of a blind conscience, which can lead us astray. Our hearts should be where true values are.

We cannot at the same time serve God and money. Money is a false god and it is the root of all evil. Once caught up in making money, we are unable to love God whole heartedly for Jesus says : For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. Matthew 6:21. Moreover, riches are a blessing only to those who make them to bless others. Keep money but let not money keep you from doing good.

Money is a good servant but a bad master.