Go off by yourselves to a remote place that you may have some rest. Mark 6:31

The apostles returned and reported to Jesus all they had done and taught. Jesus began a third stage of his ministry by organizing a mission throughout the province by sending them ahead of him. Before, the apostles used to accompany Jesus wherever he went. He not only taught his followers, he had them participated in his mission.

Then he said to them to go to a remote place to rest. Rest as to recover the strength and energy for tomorrow’s mission. By doing this, they concretized what they have discovered of the kingdom of God. They must always conscious of God’s mission and power.

A remote place is a dry and desolate place away from the city; a place with colorful lights and and illusion. It was the wilderness where Jesus used to go. In the wilderness one can feel the closeness of God and feel his presence to grow in intimacy to know and to love him more than in the city where illusional thoughts rule the mind making us not to remember God but of the world only. To forget God is to loose God in our daily live.

Jesus left the crowd and went to the wilderness where he found God while on earth and his apostles must do as the Master does. Wilderness was the spiritual food for Jesus and the most important part of his daily life in solitude with the Father detaching worldly assets into his hands.

But people saw them leaving and many could guess where they were going. So from all the towns they hurried there on foot, arriving ahead of them knowing that they would receive and grant expectation. The result of rest, in it God already given us sign that he is truly with us where miracles always follow. The first miracle of the loaves, the feeding of the five thousand then followed.

Rest and be thankful.