Train yourself in godliness, physical training is of limited value. 1 Timothy 4:8

The Spirit tells us clearly that in the last days some will defect from the faith and fellow deceitful spirits and devilish doctrines. These persons forbid marriage and condemn the use of certain foods which God created for those who know the truth. The church is the pillar and foundation of the truth, referring to the concepts of that time : from above, from a world in which everything is truth. God lowers his Truth to the earth as a visible sign on which men can learn.

After the death of the apostles, new masters who tampered with the faith appeared in the church. Among a number of errors, these men despised everything concerning the body, forbid eating meat and drinking wine at meals. Everything created by God is good, and all food is lawful : nothing is to be rejected if we receive it with thanksgiving, for it is blessed with word of God and prayer, and made holy. It was the custom of the Christian family to give thanks to God at the family meal from the beginning.

Explain these things to the brothers and sisters to prove to be a servant of Christ Jesus, nourished by the teachings of faith and the sound doctrine which you have followed as Timothy who had been the example of a true apostle. trained in godliness, Timothy who was visiting the church on behalf of Paul had authority over those elders, even though he was much younger than they were. The example of his sincere faith and his profound knowledge of the Bible would be his strength that not one reproach him on account of his youth. But a model to the believers in the way he spoke, acted , in his love, his faith and purity of life.

Take care of your character, and your reputation will take care of itself.