For with God nothing is impossible. Luke 1:37

In the sixth month, the angel Gabriel was sent from God to a young virgin who was engaged  to a man named Joseph of the family of David to announce a good news of the coming of the savior. The good news began with an elderly couple without children because nothing is impossible with God but first, we must believe in his promises. With the consent of the young virgin; a young girl freely and knowingly accepts to be the servant of the Lord and becomes the mother of God. The savior is expected and welcomes by a mother whose name is Mary.

The angel said to her, ” The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you; therefore, the Holy child to be born shall be called Son of God, The power of the Most High; a sign of the divine presence in which the Gospel conveys that Mary becomes God’s dwelling place. Only Mary could make known the mystery of Jesus’ conception to the primitive church. She expressed such an inner experience in her faith and her surrender. That is why the church believes that Mary had a unique role in the work of our salvation. She is the marvel that God achieved at the outset of transforming humankind into his image.

God had no need of a woman to make a human body, but he wanted to have a mother for his son; and for Mary to really be that mother, it was necessary that God had looked upon her with greater love than only other creature. Thus, Mary is called full of grace. She is really full of grace because Jesus was born of her as he is born of the Father. He is son of her soul and of her faith, the one who believed and in whom God has done great things. So with God nothing is impossible, all things are possible with God and in God.

Faith makes all things possible.