I can do all things in him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Paul rejoiced in the Lord for the concern that the Philippians showed him. He thanked them for their material help which he accepted from them. In doing so, Paul wanted to express his confidence in them for their progress and happiness in the faith. He was hopeful, even certain that Christ would be exalted through him, whether alive or dead. For to Paul, to live is Christ and even death is profitable. He encouraged them to adjust their lives according to the Gospel of Christ. His concern was that his trial served to reveal Christ’s message for them to stand firm in their faith.

Paul filled with hope would send Timothy who was very concerned for them for news, who had proved himself all for the interest of Christ Jesus. He felt it was necessary too to send back to them Epaphroditus whom they send in his great need. He worked and fought at Paul’s side risking his life to serve him on their behalf. Paul urged them to receive Epaphroditus with joy, as it is fitting in the Lord for he was a highly person who risked his life to serve as a runner on behalf.

Through what Paul says concerning is faithfulness to Judaism, we know something of his past. He had the dignity and the rights of Roman citizen. But once he found Christ, all those things that he might have consider as profit, he reckoned as loss. For his sake he let every thing fall away and now consider all as garbage if instead he may gain Christ. He wanted to experience the power of his resurrection and share in his sufferings and become like him in his death.

Therefore, the greatest thing for Christians is to know Christ and to grasp the secret of his humiliation for our sake so as to learn to do all things in him who strengthens us in humility.

Find strength in God, and know that He is in control.