Truly, I say to you : Whenever you did this to one of the least, to my brothers, you did it to me. Matthew 25:40

Christians are a minority in the world. The Jews thought about the majority of people in the world who were not among the chosen people and did not know about God or his promises. They used to call them : The nations.

In the last parable of the Gospel of Matthew, saying that he will return as king of all the nations. All those who, without knowing Christ, have shared in the common destiny of humankind are placed at their side ” Those little ones who are his brothers, ” as his representatives. The less important or little ones, perhaps are all kinds whom we find in all sectors of society. Yet Jesus is present through them in the most indifferent and unbelieving environment, and people are judged by the way they have cared for these little ones.

Many say they love God but look with despise in the person of their neighbor whereas the majority of them never thought of the afterlife, the kingdom of God is presented to them with its only law : love.

Jesus talked of looking after our neighbor, he identified himself ” with the least of our brothers and sisters. ” – the forsaken, the suffering and the oppressed they present a privileged and more radical presence of Christ in the society. The world needs above all is not bread, water and clothing, but the truth and the hope that God entrusted to his chosen people. Choose life and live out the commandments to love the rejected and hungry brothers and sisters – the knowledge and love of the Lord for Jesus takes to himself everything we do for them. By what we have done, we did it to Jesus.

Forgive just as Christ Forgave you.