Because we have not accomplished your will, nor have we sincerely obeyed your commands. Tobit 3:5

Tobit senior was a Jew from the north of Palestine, of the tribe of Naphtali, exiled to Assyria. He was tested by God but not rejected by him. His perseverance in prayer brought God’s blessings upon him. As we say today, ” God may delay, but he does not forget. ”

When Tobit became the king’s administrator, he was not conceited nor did he look down on others, but he remained faithful to his poor, exiled brothers. He was an example of solidarity. Even though the good he did bring him misfortune, he remained faithful to his God and faced up to difficult situations.

He dedicated his life in faithfulness to God and yet he was poor and became totally blind for four years. His blindness was caused by the hot droppings from the sparrows fell into his eyes and formed a white film on his eyes. Anna, his wife used to insult him for his misery. He presented his problem to God without complaining about anyone, not even his wife.

Tobit’s preoccupation about handling his religion down to his son, Tobias and his concern for his future showed that he was a real father. He felt incapable of fighting alone in life and he asked for death, but he left everything in the hands of God. His prayer was to ask for strength and the ability to fulfill what God says, what he demands and not to present God his own plan.

God in his mercy granted Tobit an obedient son and he died peacefully at the age of one hundred and twelve years and was buried with honor in Nineveh. He was totally blind for four years and he regained his sight eight years later. He lived a very happy life, practiced almsgiving, praised and proclaimed his great work life long.

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.