For, in fact, almsgiving is, for the man who practices it, a precious treasure in the eyes of God. Tobit 4:11

The Lord in His glory heard the prayer of Tobit and Sara. He sent Raphael to heal them both – to give back his sight to Tobit and to give Sara, the daughter of Raguel, to Tobit’s Son Tobias, as his wife. The same say Tobit remembered the money which he had deposited with Gabael at Rages in Media.

Since he was now totally blinded, he called his son Tobias and told him about the money which was ten talents of silver deposited with Gabael. Tobit instructed his son to always remember the Lord our God or go against his commandments. To give alms from what he has to those who act justly and good. And not to be afraid to give alms according to the little he had. Behave correctly in conduct to care, to love and live justly. In all circumstances bless the Lord and ask him that his ways may be up right.

Tobias went to look for a man to accompany him to a distant land and he found Raphael who was an angel but he did not know this. His journey to Rages was also a spiritual journey where an angel of God as his companion in human form helped him. The angel taught him how to obtain God’s blessings and helped him with his advice. Tobias was God’s instrument to free Sara from the demon to become his wife. He must reject the temptation to seek his own pleasure in order to achieve a union based on love and surrender.

The book of Tobit emphasizes : Almsgiving preserves from death; it purifies all sin. Giving alms is one way of showing our love for our neighbor. Our love for our neighbor will be revealed in our effort to achieve a more efficient and more just society which gives what is needed to everyone.

It is not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.