The king took pity on him and not only set him free but even cancelled his debt. Matthew 18:27

A king decided to settle the accounts of his servants. A servant owed him ten thousand pieces of gold and was unable to repay. Thus the king commanded that he be sold as slave with his wife, children and all his goods as payment. The official threw himself at the feet of the king and begged for mercy. The king took pity on him and freed him by cancelling his debt too. He then met his companion who owed him a hundred pieces of money. He grabbed him by the neck and insisted on the money owed. This companion threw himself at his feet and begged for mercy but the official did not agree and send him to prison. The others saw what happened were indignant and reported everything to the king.

The king on hearing this was very angry and summoned his official for not having pity on his companion as he had on him. He then sent him to court until he had paid all his debt.

The above is a parable which throws light on the kingdom of Heaven. The offenses we suffer from our companions are nothing compare with our offenses towards God. While God forgives all, we have to give others some breathing space and forgive as he does. The parable helps us understand much better : Revenge is mine, says the Lord; I will pay each one according to his own conduct.

Jesus our Lord takes this parable to teach on the three steps regarding forgiveness. First, to apologize for the wrong done, to have compassion on the afflicted and lastly to remember the sin no more.

Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.