Do not open your hands to receive and keep it closed when you should give. Sirach 5:31

Tobit was a good example when almsgiving is concerned. He did not close his hands to give as confessed that he had walked in the way of truth and justice all the days of his life; he had given many alms to his brethren and to those of his countrymen who were deported with him to Nineveh, a city in the country of the Assyrians.

Though being deported from the land of Israel, he alone, often went to Jerusalem for the feasts, as was ordered for all the people of Israel by an everlasting decree. Tobit was a man of truth and justice, he practiced giving tithes of his crops, the first fruits and with the first shearing of the sheep. He gave a tithe of the corn, the wine, the olives, the pomegranates, the figs and the other fruits to the Levites who officiates in Jerusalem too. He sold the second tithe every six years and distributed the money in Jerusalem. And he gave the third tithe to the orphans and widows and to the pagan converts who had joined the Israelites.

He used to teach to give alms for almsgiving obtains pardon for sins. We are all been taught to share our food with the hungry and to quench the thirsty. Even a drink given to the least of brothers would receive a reward from heaven.

When Tobit was very old and near death, he gave his son the advice to serve God and do what is pleasing in his sight; to exercise justice and to give alms as a man who responds by doing good prepares for the future.

God has a lot more to give and to offer than the world has to give.