My soul is filled with sorrow, even to death. Mark 14:34

During the Passover supper Jesus wanted to clarify the meaning of his imminent Passion. He was headed toward a death which he freely accepted, a death which would save the world.

After singing psalms of praise, they went to the Hill of olives, to a place which was called Gethsemane. He said to his disciple to sit where they are while he prayed. But he took Peter, James and John along with him as he began to be filled with fear and distress. Jesus was alone as he confronted death to overcome it, carrying on his shoulders the destiny of all humanity. He saw the wickedness of people who would ill-treat him.

At this moment Jesus was the man of sorrows and afflictions, made on with sin. Face to face in prayer with his beloved Father, Jesus experienced anguish as great as death. For this his death would be the price, the atonement. He kept on repeating one phrase which expressed the perfect prayer : Father, your will be done. There are moments in life that we are in agony and cannot do anything other than pray for the will of God be done. At these times, prayer as this is more effective than ever.

In his agony, Jesus fell to the ground, praying that if possible this hour might pass without striking him. He willingly accepted the will of the Father by fulfilling what his Father wanted of him. Jesus, himself demonstrated total acceptance the perfect prayer ever said in human history : Father, your will be done.

Time spent in prayer is never wasted.