Do the works of God. Do good, and evil will not harm you. Tobit 12:7

Often times, God gives a partial reward on earth to those who are faithful to his law; the beatitudes of Christ in the sermon on the Mount say this clearly. God takes into account of all the little and seemingly unimportant things we do in life.

Tobit was a Jew from the north of Palestine, of the tribe of Naphtali, exiled to Assyria. When he was taken to the city of Nineveh as a prisoner all his relatives and those of his family of ate the pagans’ food. But he watched over himself so as not to eat it because he remembered God with all his heart.

He used to give alms to his Kinsmen. He gave his bread to those who were hungry, his garments to those who were naked and buried the dead of his tribe. He dedicated his life in faithfulness to God and presented his problem to God alone without complaining. God tested Tobit by sending him blindness and depriving him of his possessions. One day after he had prayed, he remembered the money which he had deposited with Gabael at Rages in Media. He then sent his son to collect this money and God gave an angel in human form as his companion.

The son of Tobit married Sara, a woman of his own tribe and they both returned after collecting the money from Gabael. When the wedding feast was over, the angel took Tobit and Tobais on one side and revealed himself to them. He appeared to do so for God willed by sending him to cure his blindness. The Lord God had taken into account all Tobit had done. His good deed did not go unnoticed because the angel was with him. The angel was Raphael who presented the prayers of holy people and Tobit was one of those.

Let your good deeds be like rain, drop a little everywhere.