Jesus replied, ” My Father goes on working and so do I. ” John 5:17

The books of the Old Testament spoke of God as only one. But now Jesus shows us a new face of God : He is Father and he has sent his Son to complete his work. In all he does, God endeavors to give us life, and the greatest of his works is the Resurrection.

The Jews wished all the harder to kill him, for Jesus not only broke the Sabbath observance, but also made himself equal with God, calling him his own Father. Jesus opponents were surprised to see how he violated the laws of the sacred rest : He has come to renew the whole of creation.

The work of the Son is to revive the dead which we can also speak of the resurrection in the lives of those who become believers. A word of Jesus accepted in faith gives us life and later takes root in us and transforms us. Together, the Father and the Son raise us to new life. Jesus, the Son could not do anything by himself, but only what he saw the Father did. And whatever he did, the Son also did. The works which the Father entrusted to him to carry out, the very works he did prove that the Father has sent him.

On numerous occasions, Jesus called himself the Son of Man. When Jesus claims to be the Son, he repeats two affirmations that : Everything that my Father does, I do, and I cannot do anything by myself. We also should commune with the Father so that he may teach us his works.

Work become worship when you dedicate it to God.