You have the words of eternal life. John 7:68

Many of the followers left, but in the name of those who remained, Peter pledged his fidelity. He answered Jesus when asked by the Lord, ” You are the Christ, the Son of the living God, which Peter was among the apostles, the first to proclaim really came from God. This faith is not a human opinion, or a sentimental attachment.

Jesus is the Servant of God announced by the prophets who was to sacrifice himself for his brothers and sisters. In him, the words of eternal life; the Lord God almighty. The word comes to save us, John prefers to speak of Jesus allowing us to attain a situation which was totally unexpected and beyond our reach : He made them children of God. We are made children of God by the very Son of the Father, believing in his Name.

Jesus moves people to question his identity to believe and know that he is the Holy One of God. He chose the twelve because they did not want to leave while many of Jesus’ followers withdrew and no longer followed him. Unlike the founders of other religions, Jesus offers us to unheard of gift of sharing in God’s very life.

We need to discover for ourselves who Jesus is because it is thus we will be saved. In time, with more experience and suffering, we modify our viewpoint and discover and acknowledge him as Savior; but in a different way, we are saved because we have acquired the capacity to see things as God does.

God proved his love on the cross.