Store up treasure for yourself with God. Matthew 6:20

Jesus taught not to store up treasure for oneself here on earth where moth and rust destroy it, and where thieves can steal it. We can never keep safe at home what-soever riches it is, where moth and rust destroy and thieves steal. Jesus wants us to be free, not of concerns, but of all worries in order to serve God.

Scripture says : For where your treasure is, there your hears will also be. The heart, in Jewish culture means the mind. I will not own it; it will own me and prevent me from seeing life clearly and do no dare to seek for the truth. It is commonly accepted in Christian spirituality that blindness of the heart comes about when we are inordinately attached to ideas, persons, things, money…

The believer strives and spends his energies in earning the most money, uses money, makes plans, lives in the world. But he seeks and loves only what is important here and now, according to the Gospel.

Caught up in making money, we are unable to live truly and freely. Liberation is the work of God throughout history not neglecting our personal growth and family life. And Jesus warned about the danger of a blind conscience, which can lead us astray, is congruent with his admonition that our hearts should be where true values are. Store up treasure for yourself with God, there shall your heart be too.

God has promised there is more in store for you.